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Spring Break Camps Northern VA

Spring Break Camp for Young Entrepreneurs!  March 5, 2013 – 20:27
Spring is around the corner

Do you have a budding entrepreneur in your home? Students between the ages of 11-14 are invited to sign up for a thrilling week of spring break camp! Campers will learn to recognize their strengths and passions, which they’ll use to develop a business plan. Students will hear from successful local entrepreneurs and learn the various aspects of running a small business. At the end of the week, participants will share their business plan before a panel of local business owners who will provide feedback and encouragement. The camp will be held March 25-29 from 10am-4pm at Douglass Community Center in Leesburg. The total cost is only $30. Register for RecTrac activity #349302-01 or call 703-737-8021 for more information.

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American Holocausts, and the Lies we Love to tell ourselves

In 1993, I came across a review of a book about people who deny that the Nazi Holocaust actually occurred. I wrote to the author, a university professor, telling her that her book made me wonder whether she knew that an American holocaust had taken place, and that the denial of it put the denial of the Nazi one to shame. So great and deep is the denial of t... August (Pantheon Books, NY, 1994), chapters 4 and 5; Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate, 25 June 1951, pp. 3113-4, re the Japanese offer in July via the Soviet Union; New York Times, 11 August 1993, p. 9
Taken from Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II; by William Blum

Youngsters benefit from 4-H experiences year-round  — Theredstonerocket
Through Operation Military Kids grant money this year, 4-H provided camps during spring break. These included a trip March 28 to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga for the School Age Center youngsters. The Youth Center children traveled to ...

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